As some of you may know, this site has been up for years now, (it has data dating back to 2011) and i'm very sure it's helped a lot of people in managing their alliance.
As some of you may know, i've lost interest in this game and have since stopped developing this site a while ago. I've kept it up and paid for this site for the last 7 years by myself since I was 17 just for the convenience of every CN gamer.
I would like to keep the site up as I still have an average of 1,500 unique users visiting this site & an average of 100,000 hits every month, so obviously people still use this site. I'm sure you guys have noticed the outages this site has had and for those of you that depend on this tool how that may have affected how you were able to manage your alliance, as I get your messages in game all the time.
With that said, somebody recommended I put up a donation link for people that want to donate to the maintainance & hosting of this site. Feel free to donate any amount you can afford to, as every little helps. If you want to you could also subscribe and make monthly payments. Up to you. I'll continue to keep this site free for as long as I can and won't penalize anybody that doesn't want to donate.

Simply click the paypal button below and feel free to enter any amount you can spare. As a bonus anyone that subscribes £5 or more monthly, i'll develop a tool of your choice, using the data on this site for you :)


*Insert cool descriptive text here to make this introduction look professional*

But for now, use this site to keep track of all your cybernations data.
If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or ideas about this tool feel free to drop me an ingame PM or catch me on IRC in #IRON - My nick is generally 'Samus' or a variant :)

Current Stats within this tool:
Aid slots War slots Alliance stats Nation Stats
1,980,321 150,687 445,202 23,206,135
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